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Lego World 2013

Bob Bongo

8 Feb. 2012
Hallo zusammen,

folgende Mail erreichte mich durch Jan Beyer

LEGO World 2013 in Copenhagen will be held at Bella Center in the period 14th to 17th of February 2013.

We are looking for larger "world class" quality displays which have not been shown extensive in this part of the world before.
If you are interested in being an exhibitor you can contact the LW Fan Zone Manager, Svend-Erik Saksun saksun@mail.dk<mailto:Saksun@mail.dk> and ask for further information – or you can use the electronic entry form here: http://c-mt.dk/lw2013/

We need your application NLT 1st of November 2012.

Please be informed of that we only have a limited amount of exhibitor spots and due to that all entries need to be reviewed by the LEGO World Steering Group based on size, quality, and attractiveness for the visitors and other criteria before acceptance.

Information so far:

- Setting up must take place on 13th of February.

- Taking down on 17th of February after hours.

- Fan exhibition gross area will be about 2000 m2.

- Free accommodation for exhibitors is offered at the nearby Danhostel.

- Free meals for exhibitors are offered in the period 13-17 February.

- Refund of bridge toll (Storebaelt or Oeresund) or ferry (Puttgarten-Roedby) for exhibitors.

- Several attractive goodies for the exhibitors

and of course great fun with international AFOL exhibitors on a great LEGO event!

On behalf of the Steering Group,
with kind regards,

Svend Erik

Svend Erik Saksun
LW Fanzone Manager


http://www.legoworld.dk/ (in Danish - not updated yet)